Why did I start this website called Attorney Asheville NC?

Please read on because contained within this site you will find invaluable information in your search for attorneys in Asheville NC. Please check back frequently as I will be updating this site with more articles and videos based on my research. Since NC Laws and Regulations change often, I will have up-to-date information for you from the American Bar Association as well as the NC Bar Association, the NC Law Review and the NC Department of Justice. My personal feeling is that you can’t have too much info at your disposal when it comes to choosing a lawyer in Asheville NC.

Tucked between the Blue Ridge and Smoky Mountains lies Asheville, NC, my hometown. With a distinct Southern appeal all its own, it’s a year-round resort town – enamoring, yet surprisingly cosmopolitan. The buzzing bistros and laid-back cafes attract a variety of visitors each year, from old-time farmers and antique lovers to mountain bikers and thrill-seeking hikers. Horseback riding and dulcimer music sweeten the pot even more. We boast that we have one of the world’s largest private homes, the Biltmore Estate. But with all the hubbub and excitement of our busy town, there may come a time when you will have a need for a lawyer in Asheville NC, just as I did.

Our first visit to Asheville turned into a long stay. The next visit was even longer. Soon afterwards, Asheville NC became our home. I love the area with all of its attractions and never want to leave. However, shortly after moving to this lovely city, I found myself embroiled in a wrongful death lawsuit. My husband went into a hospital for the simple procedure of having his gall bladder removed. I’m sure you’ve known others who have had their gall bladder removed, and they did just fine, but not my husband. After he was released from the hospital, he felt a terrible pain in the area where his gall bladder had been. He developed a high fever and couldn’t keep any food down. Even though he was constantly nauseated, he started retaining fluid. A call to his doctor didn’t bring any relief as he was told the symptoms would go away in a matter of days and to try and tough it out. We did as we were told, but by the end of day two it was obvious that my husband was in trouble. I took him to the emergency room, but by that time it was too late. The emergency room doctors discovered that a sponge had been left inside my husband and it had caused infection to spread throughout his body. Even flushing his body didn’t help, and he died there in the emergency room. Needless to say, I was heartbroken. How could something so simple have gone so wrong? I contacted a medical malpractice attorney in Asheville NC because there were a lot of legal issues at stake. For one, I wanted to make sure that the surgeon who had performed my husband’s operation didn’t do the same thing to anyone else.

The Asheville NC attorney that I hired was one I felt comfortable with immediately. After getting legal advice from several other lawyers in Asheville NC, and doing a lot of research on their credentials, I was finally able to settle on that particular lawyer in Asheville NC who I felt met my needs. What a difference it made, too. Good trial lawyers are a must when the need arises. The case was finally settled out of court because my attorney had my best interests at heart, and I know his expertise in the area of medical malpractice allowed us to come out a winner. No one should ever lose a loved one due to a careless mistake.

Folks in the Asheville area know I’ve done a lot of research on attorneys in Asheville NC, so they frequently ask for my help. If they’re looking for an attorney to help them out with a workman’s comp claim, they call me. If they’re seeking an attorney to help with a disability claim, they ask me who I would recommend. My main goal with this website, Attorney Asheville NC, is to share what I’ve learned with others.

A friend of mine found herself in a child custody battle with her now ex-husband. The husband thought he should have custody of their two small children since my friend’s job sometimes takes her away from the city for a day or two at a time. However, on those occasions when she has to be away, her mother looks after her  children. Even though my friend and her ex tried to work it out, it was impossible to come to any solutions on their own. I advised her to find an Asheville NC attorney who was an expert in family law. She and her husband had a few other issues that needed to be worked out in their upcoming divorce, such as child support and visitation. With so many legal issues at stake, she wanted to make sure the Asheville NC attorney she hired was one she felt comfortable with. After all, she would be sharing her innermost thoughts and feelings with him or her, and she wanted to make sure the lawyer was someone she could trust to get the job done for her. What a difference it made, too. All of the major disagreements between my friend and her spouse were settled before their case ever went to court. There was no more bickering back and forth, and it made the whole divorce process easier on everyone.

Needless to say, my friend won the custody battle, thanks to her Asheville NC attorney. That’s why I hope Attorney Asheville NC can help you find what you’re looking for. You may be seeking attorneys in Asheville NC who handle adoption matters, auto accidents, or bankruptcy business law, or even criminal law. Or you may be in need of an attorney to handle your estate planning needs, wills, and trusts. If so, you’ve come to the right place. Another friend of mine was able to find an attorney on this Attorney Asheville NC website to help her out with problems her son was having following a car accident. She found the right personal injury lawyer, and help is on the way. So if you’re dealing with an injury, or if you need help with anything from commercial transactions to environmental law to human rights, there is a law firm who can help you. Perhaps you’re looking for an immigration lawyer or an attorney who has a real estate practice.

Attorney Asheville NC can help you find what you’re looking for. I’d like to thank you for stopping in and reading what I have to say.